If you're like me, you go straight to the "About" section. So here's my highlight reel!


I run a one-day, hands-on, fun design course called UX Launchpad.

If you want to learn more about design but don't have 4 years to spend in art school, it's designed for you.

I also run Design Play Seattle, a Meetup for having fun with design. Stop by!


Lukas Mathis and I recently wrote a book called The Thing About Jetpacks, a series of essays about designing delightful things.

The book came from a colorfully-named design blog I write, fuckjetpacks.com.

Design Dare is a site to share emails with friends about design.

I have three mailing lists, Big New Things, New Things, and Things.

Playful fellow

Design Play Seattle is a gathering of 20 creative people having fun. It'll take place in Seattle in June 2014.

I ran a site called Yay Bouquet which was a visual precursor to Twitter, a four panel comic, an iPad story called I Count Smiles, one of the first collaborative blogs on the internet in 1998, blog software (written in 5k!) before Blogger, BBSes in the 80's, and I have lots of other side projects I keep anonymous.

I really love building stuff.


I'm the design lead for Office on Windows Phone. Before that I was a lead in the Windows Phone design studio. Before that I was at frog design. I've worked at corporations and startups and have run my own consulting firm on the side since the 90's. I also write code because it helps me build my designs.


I love giving talks. I've spoken everywhere from SXSW to the local PHP developer user's group, but I can only find two videos to share. One from Ignite Seattle and the other from an AIGA event.

Let me know if you'd like me to speak at your event.

Guy Who You May Know

My work was featured in a book on interaction design called Interplay put out by the V&A Museum in London.

I owe the book placement to Jeffrey Zeldman, who called my work "sheer genius". Every time I see him, I re-thank him for that.

Medium.com calls me one of its top 100 authors, probably because I wrote the most popular article in May 2013. It was called McDonald's Theory.

I've been linked from Daringfireball several times, and every time it happens my server falls to pieces.

Oh and —

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to write me at jon@lot23.com.