I love to make things.

Here are some examples. I draw an ongoing comic called Yet Another Comic, wrote an essay named Design Courage, wrote a design blog and book called Design Dare, am the co-author of Design Explosions, a new kind of design critique,, designed several board games when I was a kid, worked at frog design, ran a short lived and beloved blog called Fuck Jetpacks, currently work at Twitter, created a micro-blogging site called Yay Bouquet, designed an app for a voice transcription company called Jott that launched on the app store on day one and was #1 in productivity for a while, wrote an essay called McDonald's Theory, have given many talks including one at SXSW called How Great Design Ruins Experience and another one called Design While Shipping, host a monthly meetup called Design Play Seattle that's a lot of fun, have three email lists called Big New Things, New Things, and just Things, designed and wrote the code for TV's Big Brother 3, am writing a book I'm jokingly calling I Hope You Like Words, worked at the Art Institute of Seattle for a year teaching designers about code, launched three successful Kickstarter campaigns called For One Hundred Of Our Closest Friends, wrote an essay called "Of Course" Design, wrote a book on design called The Thing About Jetpacks, was a design lead on Windows Phone, designed a concert poster for an anonymous musician named Slow Magic, redesigned the mainframe for Computer Associates, run a company called UX Launchpad, have three children, give away all my sketchbooks, designed an email game called The Long Talk, and I wrote this silly webpage.

My current status:

As of now, I have 68% of my work day remaining.

I like to write, speak at events, and read your email. I'd love to hear from you at jon@lot23.com.